Exo Enterprises Blog http://www.exoenterprises.in/blog/ Latest Products Wed, 17 Jul 2024 22:20:41 +0530 en-us http://www.exoenterprises.in Exo Safai Steel Scrubber: An Effective cleaning tool http://www.exoenterprises.in/blog/exo-safai-steel-scrubber-an-effective-cleaning-tool_10216.htm Tue, 16 Mar 2021 17:08:59 +0530 A brief about steel scrubber Steel Scrubber is the most preferable utensil cleaning product that is specially designed, keeping in mind the greasy preparations that are often prepared in Indian kitchens. They are manufactured from pure stainless steel to ensure that even with constant contact with water, the steel scrubber remains rust proof. It's a heavy duty metallic scrubber that is convenient in cleaning woks and pans, and other utensils. The curly wire is tempered to make it vigorous on greasy filth but embodied smooth edges to ensure it's safe for hand use. The primary function of steel scrubber is decontamination, for that kind of stubborn dirt which can not be removed by detergent or spatula. These cleaning balls are not only the expert in cleaning the disgusting oily objects without hurting hands, but also useful in industries for cleaning the surface of machines, tools etc. Features of a high quality steel scrubber- Solid cleaning capacity Supreme quality Soft without hurting hands Scratch proof Germ free Eco-friendly 100% resistant to rust Anti-bacterial Non-sticky Easy to rinse and dry quickly Eco-friendly Not easy to break Longer service life These steel scrubbers are extensively used in homes, hotels and restaurants for cleaning the dishes, stoves and cooking utensils. They are also used for industrial purpose and construction area for expelling the dirty and oily parts of metal tools, machines, marble and glass items effectively. If you are in need of such kinds of stainless steel scrubbers then Exo safai steel scrubber is the best choice. In order to suffice this sprouting demand of the market, there are many companies in India who are indulged in the business of supplying wholesale Exo safai steel scrubber. They offer premium quality exo safai steel scrubbers in different pack sizes such as pack of 1, pack of 3, pack of 6, pack of 12 and pack of 20 as per the requirements and budget of different types of customers all over India. Some of the virtues of leading wholesale exo safai steel scrubber are as follows- The exo safai steel scrubbers offered by them are procured from reputed manufacturers using the supreme grade and best quality raw materials and latest techniques and tools. They have a huge Client base all over India due to a wide distribution network. They always ensure that the products they deliver are able to meet all the needs of our customers. The scrubbers offered by them focus on the family health and hygiene. They ensure timely delivery of products and fair business deals in the industry. They have enough capacity to meet bulk requirements of the market. They should offer the candies at a highly competitive rate in accordance with the prices prevailing in the market. Conclusion Thus, these exo safai steel scrubbers not only fit your needs efficiently but also they do not put any kind of burden on your budget. The overall market of this type of product in India is expanding continuously at a great pace. Uses of Steel Scrubber http://www.exoenterprises.in/blog/uses-of-steel-scrubber_10562.htm Thu, 13 May 2021 12:53:18 +0530 In Indian households, the eating habits are mostly spicy and hence the oil and the spices stain the utensils terribly. It is very difficult to wash those stains with bare hands or with the normal types of scrubbers. This is one of the reason it is advisable to keep steel scrubbers in every house. Why Steel Scrubbers? Many people may think what is the need for steel scrubbers and many others will think that the scrubber may, in turn, add a scratch to the utensils well that is not the case. To understand the situation you have to understand that these stainless steel scrubbers are made in a way so that they can affect the scrubbers least and clear the clutter as soon as possible. Steel scrubbers are always taken into consideration when dealing with a speck of tough dirt. It is mainly used for utensils and does not leave any impression or scratch on the utensils. These steel scrubbers are rust-resistant and hence are preferred over any other scrubbers when it comes to cleaning tough dirt. These scrubbers are also eco-friendly and are biodegradable. The durability of these scrubbers are beyond words and they can be used and reused for a very long period. Usability Generally, these stainless steels scrubbers are used in the kitchen for cleaning utensils. However, in big restaurants, these are also used to clean the kitchen top and the tiles of the kitchen in general. You may be thinking why only kitchen? That is because the tough dirt of the kitchen is mostly found in the kitchen on a daily basis. Among the stainless steel scrubbers, the Exo stainless steel scrubbers can be considered one of the best. Exo Steel Scrubbers Being known all over the country for several years Exo Safai Steel Scrubbers have earned the trust of their customers not only by their name but by their work. If you want to buy the Exo Safai Steel Scrubbers then you have to contact the Exo Safai Steel Scrubber Suppliers who will acknowledge you about the product specifications. Generally, there are different types of scrubbers that are sold in different set of packs. They are mainly steel colour and comes with the authentic Exo logo. It is advisable that you look through everything before you buy the packs. Some of the packs may have manufacturing defects and it will be very difficult to go for an exchange if you open the packing. Conclusion We hope we have been able to feed you with all the necessary details about the steel scrubbers. You should also be careful while using the steel scrubbers because sometimes it becomes so difficult to remove the tough stains that a lot of pressure has to be applied and that in turn cuts the skin and hurts the skin. Other than these you can always contact your nearby suppliers and get to know the types and modifications that Exo have made in their product and if anything appeals to you, you can surely go for them. However, it is advisable for every Indian house to have a steel scrubber in their houses. Steel Scrubber: A Dishwashing Tool http://www.exoenterprises.in/blog/steel-scrubber-a-dishwashing-tool_11334.htm Sat, 21 Aug 2021 14:19:23 +0530 As per the Indian taste buds go, heavy oil and spices play an important role in cooking ingredients. Therefore greasy cooking utensils with cooked spice deposition is a common everyday story, almost in every kitchen. These utensils need a great force and rub to get cleaned, which happens to be a quite hard job. In this scenario, steel scrubbers play a crucial role in the neat cleaning of the utensils. These dish and utensil washing tools, steel scrubbers are very helpful in cleaning tough dirt from the surface of the utensils which cannot be easily removed by using detergents alone. It acts as an immensely important item that helps in decontaminating and cleaning any kind of utensil surface effectively. Various manufacturers and suppliers of steel scrubbers distribute this small yet very helpful commodity to every retail store in our country. Features Wholesale steel scrubber in Punjab ensures premium quality steel scrubber to their customers. These heavy washing tools are not only used for domestic purposes, but also in commercial places, such as cleaning the machinery. It is widely opted for its easy and hassle free cleaning which is a lot more convenient than cleaning with bare hands. These scrubbers are accounted for tough cleaning yet, these cleaning tools are quite soft to touch so that the skin of the hands don't get scratched. These scrubbing spheres are bright to look at and it doesn't hurt the hands, also it does not provide scratch to the utensils as well. These steel scrubbers are easily rinsed and can be dried quickly in no time. These scrubbers are therefore anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and cannot be broken easily. The steel scrubbers also possess the feature of being scratch proof and non stick. Also, these steel scrubbers are 100 per cent resistant to rust and also they are quite eco friendly. Hence these scrubbers can be reused repeatedly and be continued for quite a long time. The suppliers of the steel scrubbers offer this product in various packaging so that the customer can avail these steel scrubbers according to their need. Uses The steel scrubbers are an excellent helper for the housekeeper. It can very easily take off stubborn dirt without hurting the hands of the users. The stainless steel scrubbers are used on surfaces of different materials like porcelain, glass items, metal and even marble. These steel scrubbers are used for cleaning the stainless steel utensils, oven tops, Barbeque machines etc. in a domestic kitchen. These scrubbers can be also used for sanitary cleanings, such as cleaning toilet bowls, scum accumulated in the shower and tap holes etc. Scrubbers are also a help for cleaning the garden tools. Conclusion There are many existing and newly emerging companies in India that are engaged as wholesale suppliers and traders of premium quality steel scrubbers. There are different sized packing done for the convenience of the buyers, such as a pack of 1, pack of 3, pack of 6, pack of 12 and pack of 20. These traders claim about products made of superior quality raw materials. These suppliers and traders serve a prompt delivery service to their clients. Similarly, through their extensive marketing policies, these traders have created a huge domestic client base. How Can We Easily Use the Stainless-Steel Scrubber? http://www.exoenterprises.in/blog/how-can-we-easily-use-the-stainless-steel-scrubber_11784.htm Mon, 15 Nov 2021 11:06:50 +0530 The scrubbers have been an excellent tool for removing dust, stain, from stubborn surfaces. Even it is efficient while working with a spatula or detergent. It is not only a distinguished helper but also bliss for housewives. It protects our hands with efficient cleaning phenomenon. Types of Steel Scrubber: There are mainly two types of steel scrubber. One is a winding structure with a fast surface cleaning capability. You will find more as per the scrubbing technology as well. Another is a globular or woven scrubber for easy removal of sticky dirt. Woven ones must be of high quality with expensive pricing. It is not for regular use while winding steel ones are the best for large cleaning surfaces. Hence, we can differentiate between the woven & winding structures. Applications: We can get the scrubber from Steel Scrubber Supplier in Punjab. It is widely applicable to hotels, homes, restaurants. You must be regular in washing the dishes, cooking utensils, and stoves. Normal fibre scrubbers may not do the proper cleaning on many occasions. For this reason, we are habituated to using the steel scrubber for fast cleaning & washing the cooking equipment. These are used in constructions and industries for the removal of oily and dirty parts of porcelain, metal, marble, and other glass parts. Stainless scrubbers may clean anything starting from kitchenware to the pots without any occurrence of scratches. It can easily wipe out oily surfaces without even the presence of detergents. The applications of the scrubbers are not limited to small kitchen items. These are widely used for chef and various transportations works as well. Long ago, people had an issue with large cleaning equipment and vehicles. But now the arrival of steel scrubber has resolved the issue. Previously it was not regulated for superior staffing and multipurpose use. Now, you may do anything and proceed with the regular scrubbing technology to clean up the factories as well. Especially in coal and oil-based power plants, it is an integrated tool to be present on regular cleaning. New Membrane Option: It has been introduced recently as the modification of wet scrubber. Here, the separated membrane is present to filter significant exhaust materials. It consists of the membranes in the exhaust stream. All gases pass here in which Sox is to be dissolved for absorbent option. It has a certain temperature holding capability by which corrosion is prohibited. For final cleaning, we need only dry scrubbing from Steel Scrubber Supplier in Punjab. It has a dry system with pellets for the removal of sulphur. The highly present temperatures would burn off the oily and soot residues. The kind of scrubber for commercial purposes is very diverse. Hence, we may use it for plumbing, servicing, or cleaning purposes as well. You may order it from nearby wholesalers with superior performance. Surely, you will get rid of conventional fiber or organic scrubbers after this. For applying less effort with the fastest cleaning motto, you should go with this kind of scrubber without any doubt.